T1 RBS and E1 CAS for WAN Developers

T1 RBS source code and E1 CAS source code *, NComm's Signaling Manager Modules, send and receive signaling messages to set up, maintain and tear down phone calls. Along with Signaling System 7 (SS7) and the D Channel in ISDN, RBS and CAS are the only ways to place conventional telephone calls. This signaling tends to be used at the edges of the network as opposed to the core.

Common Channel Signaling (CCS) (Not to be confused with CAS) is used by either T1 or E1 and refers to a system that does not use a specific bit structure for signaling. Instead, all or part of a channel is used to pass messages between two systems to indicate how a channel is being used. This type of system is commonly found in ISDN, which uses a D channel to pass messages.

Functions that are supported in NComm's RBS / CAS source code module include:

  • Establishing RBS or CAS communication that will accommodate a different signaling model per timeslot.
  • Allowing customer choice of T1 RBS signaling models per T1.403 – 1999, TR-08, or GR-303 -CORE-Rev3 (Tables 12-3 & 12-4). Choice may be done on a per DS0 basis
  • Providing E1 CAS signaling models defined in Q.421, Q.422 on a per E0 basis
  • Processing of signaling freezing and debouncing
  • Providing call state information such as wink, flash, on-hook, loop open, etc. to the application layer per the selected signaling model
  • Transmission and reception of dial pulse digits.
  • Timers associated with signaling such as wink, hook flash, and digit on/off ratios, must be programmable on a per timeslot basis
  • TR-08/SLC-96 and T1.403 Tri-level signaling supported with external hardware support for generation and detection of the toggling state.

NComm's RBS source code provides a flexible, standard compliant solution for T1 signaling. It includes all identified signaling models specified by the standards. Coupled with the TMS Alarm module, it addresses debouncing and bit-freezing insuring call stability in real world environments.

NComm's CAS source code yields an international solution successfully deployed around the world. Together with the proper hardware and NComm's T1 and E1 TMS including RBS and CAS source code, a truly international product can be offered to the market.

* Robbed Bit Signaling and Channel Associated Signaling

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