PRI ISDN Standards Compliance


This NComm TMS conforms to the all the standards listed in the table below. Please note there can be several versions of any given standard so the release date or version is included.


Standard number


Release Date or Version

ANSI T1.403.01

for Telecommunications - Network and Customer Installation Interfaces - ISDN Primary Rate Layer 1 Electrical Interface Specification


AT&T TR41459

Primary Rate Interface and Special Application Specification User-Network Interface Description

June 1999

ITU-T I.431

Primary Rate User-Network Interface – Layer 1 Specification


06/1997 Amend 1

ITU-T Q.920

ISDN User-Network Interface Data Link Layer – General Aspects


06/2000 Amend 1

ITU-T Q.921

ISDN User-Network Interface – Data Link Layer Specification


ITU-T Q.930

Digital Subscriber Signaling System No 1 (DSS1) - ISDN User-Network Interface– Layer 3 – General aspects


12/2002 Amend 1

ITU-T Q.931

ISDN User-Network Interface– Layer 3 Specification for Basic Call Control


12/2002 Amend 1

Lucent Technologies 235-900-342

ISDN Primary Rate Interface Specification


July 2000

Nortel NIS-A211-1

ISDN Primary Rate User-Network Interface Specification

August 1998 Release 8

Telcordia SR-NWT-002343

ISDN Primary Rate Interface Generic Guidelines for Customer Premise Equipment

Issue 1

June 1993

Telcordia TR-NWT-001268

ISDN Primary Rate Interface Call Control Switching and Signaling Generic Requirements for Class II Equipment

Issue 1

December 1991

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