PRI ISDN Trunk Management Software (TMS)

One of two main telephony signaling methods in the WAN world, Primary Rate ISDN permits fast connect times and flexible use of the DS0s. Utilizing D-Channel signaling or CCS (Common Channel Signaling), calls are established, taken down and controlled without using the voice channels themselves.

If your product requires PRI ISDN, NComm’s ISDN software can get you to market with a fully functional and standards compliant interface in record time. Our ISDN source code employs a well defined API between the layer 2 & 3 stack and the HDLC driver, also supplied. Above the layer 2/3 stack is another well defined API that makes the balance of call processing and control easy to integrate.

NComm’s ISDN software modules include all the popular switch types required for North America including NI-2, 4ESS, 5ESS and DMS-100. This ISDN source code is architected to integrate into the developers own layer 1 software or is delivered pre-integrated with NComm’s T1/E1 TMS software.

All NComm ISDN software is fully tested on hardware to pass the appropriate certification tests.

Find more information for European ISDN software offerings here.

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