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Bill Matern is president and founder of NComm, Inc., a telecom source code development and engineering consulting firm. The company has been supporting established and startup telecom equipment manufacturers since 1996. In addition to NComm duties, Bill also supports the telecommunications industry as the T1.231 Revision Ad-Hoc Group Chair in the T1M1 technical sub-committee of the Committee T1.

Previously, he was an engineering manager at Summa Four, Inc. where he designed and oversaw development of several telecom projects for Summa's open programmable switch including a 4-span T1/E1 card. While at AT&T Bell Labs, he was technical project lead on the design and development of the AT&T's first DS3 protection switch and DS3/DS1 transmission quality monitors. He also architected and was part of the development team for a system for transporting 28 DS1s via a terrestrial microwave system. From his work with Newton Communications, a company he founded in 1990, he holds patents on the design of a PBX and software for a PBX.

Bill holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Carnegie-Mellon University. Bill resides in Kingston, NH with his wife and two sons.



William T. Matern

President and Founder


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