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  • “Not only did NComm deliver a stable source code necessary to merge the various OAM protocols seamlessly into our products, but they also provided excellent technical support during the entire integration phase, sparing us extensive and expensive resources which would have been required to develop this critical test capability from ground zero” said Cyrille Morelle, President and CEO, VeEX Inc.
  • “It’s always a risk to outsource critical parts of product development. NComm delivered what we contracted to them on time and on budget. They are a terrific partner.” Steve Kelly, Founding CEO & Board Chairman, Myomo, Inc.

  • "Bundling NComm's pre-tested and verified TMS modules with SBE's robust and proven line of WAN interfaces results in a risk-free development program as well as time and cost-effective product deployment for our mutual customers," stated William B. Heye, Jr. President and CEO of SBE. "Hardware vendors typically provide 'bare-bones' drivers with their boards, thus leaving the burden of developing code for alarming, signaling, and maintenance on OEM customers. The burden is now lifted with SBE and NComm's joint solution of intelligent WAN. The time and money that our customers were once spending on making vendor drivers application-ready can be now be redirected to their own core competencies," continued Heye.
  • "More and more companies are using off the shelf source code in time to market critical product development, "says Bill Pennington, former Chief Technical Officer of Taqua Systems. "With NComm TMS, we were able to integrate proven software which allowed us to focus more resources on our own unique product differentiation.
  • "NComm's TMS software filled a DS3 requirement in our offering that I'd rather our engineers not have to deal with. But, we had to have it and it had to work well. NComm provided just what we needed." John Webley, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Turin Networks, and Co-Founder Advanced Fibre Communications (AFC)
  • "We could not develop this kind of software, with its proven reliability, for anywhere near the price that NComm delivered it.We might end up spending three times that before we had it completely operational." "When software such as NComm's meets the selection criteria of proven and bug free, an engineering manager would be crazy to build it in-house considering what NComm licenses the code for." Pete Quigley Cedar Point, Senior Director of Software
  • "KS Telecom's innovation lies in telecommunications and voice processing, not transport protocols; but the need for a variety of complete and standard-compliant protocols is a critical requirement for our customers." "We chose the NComm Stacks ISDN PRI software because we could bring the functionality to market quickly, and the company has a leadership position in developing WAN source code. We had ISDN PRI up and running on our platform quickly with the product and support provided by NComm." Kyle Hollifield, CEO, KS Telecom
  • For Agere, working with NComm has produced benefits beyond being able to offer customers a turnkey product, said Michael Wallace, Product Manager for the Flexmap product line at Agere (now LSI). "At some points, they help us with the debugging of the device," Wallace said.
  • "ADC's focus is in the delivery of broadband equipment platforms that enable high-speed Internet, data, video, and voice services. However, the requirement to have reliable, interoperable and fully functional WAN interfaces on our network platforms is critical to offering our customers a complete solution," said Mark McDonald, Vice President of Product Management at ADC. "The NComm software allowed us to bring reliable, standards-based T1, T3 and SONET functionality to market quickly. We had both technologies up and running in a matter of days with the product and support provided by NComm."
  • "Building a true carrier grade system requires robust wide area network interface implementations. NComm's proven TMS platform enables Mangrove to deliver a highly reliable, fully functional and standards-based system that meets the exacting requirements of today's service providers," said Jonathan Reeves, Mangrove Systems Founder and CEO. "We looked at a variety of software and only the NComm solution met our requirements."
  • "Dallas Semiconductor's best-in-class WAN framer products together with NComm's proven management software let them capitalize on that market opportunity by providing a complete solution for adding the T3, E3 or combined T3/E3 interfaces to voice and data platforms." Mike Smith, Managing Director, Communications Business Unit of Dallas Semiconductor
  • "Telica's innovation lies in media and signaling gateways and controlling those gateways, not necessarily in transmission technology. But, the need to have reliable, fully functional and standards-based SONET interfaces on the Plexus 9000 platform was important in offering a total solution to our customers," said Joe Quinlivan, Telica's Vice President of Engineering. "We chose the NComm software because we could bring the functionality to market quickly, and the company had significant experience and expertise in developing WAN source code. We had SONET up and running in a matter of days with the product and support provided by NComm."
  • "Service providers, in pursuit of maximizing operational efficiencies, are demanding that their equipment vendors demonstrated flexibility in their platforms," said Christin Flynn, Director of Communications Network Infrastructure for Boston-based Yankee Group. "Metropolitan area networks (MANs) are under particular scrutiny, requiring vendors in this dynamic portion of the network to demonstrate the support of a wide array of network interfaces. By focusing on the engineering specialty of SONET interface software with this product, NComm brings value and flexibility to its customers by eliminating engineering risk, decreasing time to market, and enabling equipment vendors to adapt to the changing needs of service providers in the MAN."
  • "Navini invites only best-in-class companies to join its Navini Neighborhood Program," said Sai Subramanian, Director of Marketing and Product Line Management at Navini Networks. "NComm's trunk management products are the best in the industry and we believe this partnership will advance our WAN offerings."
  • "My primary objective was to get a high quality product to market in the fastest possible time and do it all at a low cost. We did a build or buy analysis and decided on NComm. NComm's DS3 Trunk Management Software allowed us, cost effectively, to become fully standards compliant on the network with no effort on our part while we focused our internal resources on critical, differentiating features and functionality", said Jim Vercruyssen, Telect's Product Marketing Manager.
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