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NComm, based in Kingston, NH, is a team of engineering and business professionals with decades of experience in communications software and hardware design. NComm specializes in product development for the Telecommunications industry. NComm Leadership

The Trunk Management Software Experts

NComm delivers complete, standard compliant source code packages that reduce development time by staff years and dramatically reduce development cost.

We offer WAN interface technologies including T1/E1/T3/E3/SONET/SDH, PRI ISDN and Sync Status Message management. Our Trunk Management Software is the de facto standard, embedded by equipment vendors from 3COM to ADC to Sonus Networks. NComm delivers the underpinning drop-in software technology necessary to build interoperable, standard-compliant WAN access devices: framer configuration, alarming and fault management, performance monitoring, line testing, signaling and Automatic Protection Switching.

In addition, our Ethernet OA&M source code stack handles the IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731 and IEEE 802.3ah (clause 57) standards. Our package provides 100% of the functionality required and expected by carriers, service providers and end users, and it is 100% standard compliant. NComm's mission is to reduce their client's time-to-market through turnkey Ethernet OAM source code.

Using NComm's software, many companies have had their interfaces fully functional in a day rather than a year.

NComm is an active participant on Committee T1's technical sub-committee T1M1 as the T1.231 Revision Ad-Hoc Group Chair, and is a member of the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council.

NComm's Professional Services

Augmenting NComm's WAN and Ethernet OAM software offerings are engineering services. In addition to the free training included with our WAN/Ethernet products, engineering is ready and able to assist in any aspect of your project from design reviews to hardware or software development to complete, turn-key projects. We are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure your success.

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