OAM Source Code, LAN/WAN Protocols and Design

NComm delivers complete, standard compliant, OAM source code packages that reduce LAN/WAN interface development time by staff years and cut associated costs by more than 50%. Our offerings eliminate an entire class of embedded software development for access technologies like T1, E1, T3, E3, SONET/SDH including Automatic Protection Switching, Primary Rate ISDN and Sync Status Message management PLUS our new Ethernet OAM package. Using NComm's OAM software, many of our customers have their interfaces fully functional in a day rather than a year.

Purchase our proven source code and protocol stacks to provide the quality and standard compliance for less cost than you can do it yourself.

What Industry Veterans Have To Say About NComm:

“Not only did NComm deliver a stable source code necessary to merge the various OAM protocols seamlessly into our products, but they also provided excellent technical support during the entire integration phase, sparing us extensive and expensive resources which would have been required to develop this critical test capability from ground zero” said Cyrille Morelle, President and CEO, VeEX Inc.

"All our customers, whether they use open source or proprietary telephony solutions, need to reduce the time and cost required to install and maintain their telecom products. We strive to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Sangoma-based telephony systems, and adding [NComm's] professional-level OAM software to our base digital telephony product line adds even more capabilities to this strategy." Frederic Dickey, Director of Product Management, Sangoma Technologies Corporation

"Building a true carrier grade system requires robust wide area network interface implementations. NComm's proven TMS platform enables Mangrove to deliver a highly reliable, fully functional and standards-based system that meets the exacting requirements of today's service providers," said Jonathan Reeves, Mangrove Systems Founder and CEO. "We looked at a variety of software and only the NComm solution met our requirements."

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