Synchronous Ethernet (Sync-E) Software

NComm’s SYNC-E TMS allows integration of SYNC-E interfaces into the distribution of timing throughout the network. SYNC-E TMS handles the algorithms and packet-types needed to measure and  determine the quality of network timing delivered over a SYNC-E network interface.

Key Features

* Provides SYNC-E Timing management functions
* Implements Synchronous Operation mode per G.8264
* Transmits and receives packet level SSM messages
* Provides timing input to NComm's SSM TMS
* Implements EMSC channel
* Implements QL reception requirements and QL transmission requirements
* Monitors failures on SYNC-E interface that could cause timing failures
* Allows for interoperation between SYNC-E and SDH/PDH networks
* Fully Standard Compliant
* OS independent
* Pre-ported to Linux (version 2.4 and 2.6)

  • SYNC-E TMS conforms to ITU-T G.8264 requirements for Synchronization Status Message processing and can be used with NComm's SSM TMS.
  • SYNC-E TMS is designed to operate in a distributed environment.
  • SYNC-E TMS can also be used on asynchronous Ethernet interfaces that are operating NComm’s IEEE-1588 PTP product.  On these interfaces, the clock will be derived via the IEEE-1588 protocols, but the quality level will be managed per ITU G.8264.

Download the Synchronous Ethernet TMS datasheet

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