Ethernet MPLS-TP OAM Software- ITU G.8113.1

OAM functions and mechanisms for MPLS-TP
based networks

Standard: ITU G.8113.1

Applies across the entire Ethernet network

Primary Tools for Fault Management and Performance Monitoring

MPLS-TP OAM (G.8113.1) incorporates the tools defined in ITU Y.1731 that allow the notification and segmentation of network failures.

These tools can be used by all of the owners (service providers, carriers and users) of the network to monitor and maintain their responsibility areas or Maintenance Entities.

Maintenance Entities may be nested by responsible party provided that a lower MD be completely within the one above (see diagram below).

Download the Ethernet OAM TMS MPLS-TP datasheet

Y.1731Ethernet OAM

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