Ethernet OAM Software - IEEE 802.1Q/802.1ag

NComm’s 802.1Q/802.1ag software provides a complete source code solution for those developers needing to incorporate standard compliant IEEE 802.1Q/802.1ag software capabilities into their products. The 802.1Q/802.1ag source code is delivered in ANSI C and is operating system agnostic. The 802.1Q/802.1ag software has been fully qualified in conformance testing, and NComm will assist in any additional conformance issues that might come up during full product homologation testing.

Download the Ethernet OAM TMS 802.1Q/802.1ag datasheet



IEEE 802.1Q/802.1ag Maintenance Domains

The Linux port comes with a full API translation layer that separates the software engineer from Linux I/O CTL calls during the integration process.

This 802.1Q/802.1ag source code package fully covers IEEE 802.1Q/802.1ag as follows:

Connectivity Fault Management (CFM)

Standard: IEEE 802.1Q/802.1ag

Applies across the entire Ethernet network

IEEE 802.1Q/802.1ag incorporates three important tools that allow the notification and segmentation of network failures.

These tools can be used by all of the owners (service providers, carriers and users) of the network to monitor and maintain their responsibility areas or Maintenance Domains

Maintenance Domains may be nested by responsible party provided that a lower MD be completely within the one above (see diagram below).

Primary Tools for Connectivity Fault Management (CFM)

Continuity Check Messages - Allow Maintenance Points (MP) to detect when other MPs are not functioning

Loopback Messages - Used to verify the status of an MP

Link Trace Messages -  Used to map the path, hop by hop, to a target MP


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