Ethernet OAM Software- IEEE 802.3ah Clause 57

802.3ah OAM


Download the Ethernet OAM TMS Clause 57/802.3ah datasheet

Ethernet Link OAM

Applies to a single Data Link

Primary Tools for Connectivity Fault Management (CFM)

Standard: IEEE 802.3ah - Clause 57

IEEE 802.3ah incorporates three important tools that allow the monitoring of Data Link health and fault resolution in the case of  failure between the DTE and the network.

802.3ah OAM operation does not extend beyond the Data Link in question.

Discovery - Provides a means of the discovery of peer nodes within the Data Link

Remote Failure Indication - Provides a means to inform a peer that the receive path of the local DTE is not functional

Remote Loopback - Provides a means to support a data link layer frame-level loopback capability

Link Monitoring - Provides a means to support event notification and the inclusion of performance diagnostic information

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