Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Software: IEEE 1588-2008 Source Code for Ethernet Developers

In an environment of the traditional WAN hierarchical network, clock traceability is fairly straightforward, and at least logically manageable with respect to quality and source. However, now Ethernet is found in the wide area network, an environment for which it was not originally designed. In the flat landscape of Ethernet networks, clock traceability and synchronization are much more difficult; and, not only are these new Ethernet networks flat, they also will tend to be owned by many different providers.

To address this critical need, NComm’s IEEE 1588-2008 software provides a standards compliant mechanism to both make clear of the quality and traceability of the clock source, and to permit the network to intelligently choose the best clock from those available should an issue arise. NComm's new IEEE 1588-2008 source code will accommodate any Ethernet application provided that the hardware supports the function.

NComm’s IEEE 1588-2008 PTP software will provide:

Coordination of Ordinary clocks, Master & Slave within the timing domain.

Coordination of Grandmaster and Boundary clocks within the timing domain.

IEEE 1588-2008 PTP software conducts the management and synchronization of the domain through the use of general and event messages. General messages are important, but not time critical and are transmitted through PDUs or Protocol Data Units. Event messages are both important and time sensitive; they use a priority communicaiton "channel."

The message types specified by IEEE 1588-2008 and provided by NComm's IEEE 1588-2008 software include:

  • Sync
  • Delay_Req/Pdelay_Req
  • Follow_Up/Pdelay_Resp_Follow_Up
  • Delay_Resp/Pdelay_Resp
  • Announce
  • Signaling
  • Management

The IEEE 1588-2008 software accomodates all PTP requirements for Ethernet including time stamps and propagation delay adjustments. The module is accessed via a well defined API.

This package will be provided as source code, and preported to Linux (2.4/2.6), VxWorks, OSE and Nucleus Plus. Training and implemenation support are provided as part of the license.

NComm's IEEE 1588-2008 source code is currently in development. Specifications are subject to change prior to release.

Download NComm's IEEE 1588-2008 whitepaper here.

Download the Ethernet IEEE 1588 datasheet

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