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Our WAN and Ethernet OAM Trunk Management Software (TMS) is the best known and utilized OAM software in the world. Covering all the major traditional WAN protocols and new Ethernet OAM protocols, this LAN/WAN software provides a complete, standard compliant solution that many users have running on their hardware in a day. If you are doing a first time WAN or Ethernet design or have in house code already deployed, NComm's TMS should definitely be considered.

Extended Product Support stays with you until you get NComm's software up and running properly on your hardware. We remain ready to help you quickly identify the root cause of your issue and provide software fixes as needed.

JumpStart! your integration. All our software is intended to be integrated by the customer’s engineering staff with NComm providing secondary software support. However, we understand that some users would rather begin with NComm’s TMS already ported to their platforms. In response to this, NComm created another option called the Jump Start! program. This is an option for anyone that licenses a TMS package. In a nut shell, if you meet a certain profile, we will get the TMS up and running on your hardware in 5 days.

Hardware Development Platforms get you up and running even faster. Whether you plan to build or buy your network interface, our modular design philosophy carries through to hardware platforms also. Our platforms allow your engineers to start testing before your in-house hardware designs are complete.

Engineering Consulting can address any and every phase of your development project. Every aspect of your engineering effort, from initial system architecture and specification through pilot productions, can be handled finishing with a complete technology hand off so you can keep your engineering independence. Or, NComm can extend existing resources by furnishing only the phases that you need.

We are also known for our very popular Communication Developers Handbook that is free for the asking. This pdf book covers many aspects of WAN/Ethernet Design and discusses the primary LAN/WAN Protocol issues for North America as well as the rest of the world. Aspects of LAN and WAN protocol discussions include required standards, overhead functions such as alarming, performance monitoring/maintenance and signaling. Specific LAN/WAN protocols covered include Ethernet, T1, E1, T3, E3, SONET and SDH including APS (Automatic Protections Switching). Click to get your copy.

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