Technical Support

We understand that our customers place critical reliance on our software functioning in a satisfactory manner.

If a customer comes across a technical issue, we follow our standard technical support process:

  1. NComm responds to first reports of technical problems within one work-day (8 working hours) of the customer contacting us.

  3. NComm attempts to characterize the problem and isolate the root cause. If necessary the customer will be contacted for additional information.

  5. If the root cause is contained within our software and is a contradiction of the software’s stated, intended functionality, NComm provides an intermediate work around or patch as appropriate. We will then wait for the customer to verify that the problem has been resolved before it is deemed completed.

  7. NComm always includes the fix in the next formal release of the appropriate software package. These are often listed in the release notes.

Extended Support

NComm software packages come with a few months of Technical support to help you get your product up and running. Many of our customers find it beneficial to extend that support for some period of time. We will work with you to determine how to set up the extended support that you need. All tech support issues receive our highest attention.

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