Manchester Linux/Windows Development Platform

Manchester Board

The Manchester development platform is a modular system based on NComm’s existing proprietary TIM and STIM interfaces, which communicates through a PCI Express over cable (1x PCIe) interface. Manchester allows for prototyping and development by connecting a host PC running software under Windows, Linux, or other operating system to interface to various telecom products.

Manchester includes 4 TIM (Telecom Interface Module) connector sets with a PowerPC bus based interface. TIM TDM and UTOPIA interfaces connect to an FPGA for optional interconnect. For more advanced applications a STIM (Side Telecom Interface Module) interface is provided that includes the entire 32 bit bus interface, along with TDM. The STIM connection uses one DIN96 connector.


  • Interfaces to a host PC running Windows or Linux.
  • Allows NComm's TMS to control T1/E1/T3/E3/SONET/SDH interface hardware.
  • Options for Desktop PCIe interface or Laptop Expresscard interface.
  • Uses redriver technology to retain signal integrity over the PCIe cable.
  • Does not require any specific drivers.
  • Diagnostic switches and LEDs are available for debug.
  • Uses Gen 1 PCIe over cable standard for lengths up to 5 meters.
  • LEDs for reset and power monitoring.
  • Multiple input power connector options for single +12V power source.
  • (S)TIM power switch allows swapping of TIM or STIM interfaces without rebooting the host PC.
  • Supports all NComm existing TIM and STIM designs.
  • Supports up to four TIM interfaces and one STIM interface.

Manchester Technical Brief

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