Real Time LINUX and Telecommunications Applications

Over the last few years, we have seen a growing interest in using Linux OS in real time communications applications. Since it is not a real time OS, only in the second half of 2003 were extensions available to add some real time characterists. The Linux 2.6 kernel approaches real-time performance and it has become a favorite of developers for product-implementation.

NComm has added the Linux operating system as one of our standard Trunk Management Software (TMS) pre-ports. Our pre-ports are compatible with all past versions of the Linux Kernel back to 2.4, and NComm's intends to maintain full compatiblitly with future versions of the kernel as they are released. Receiving WAN source code already tailored to Linux can save your team 3 or more months of effort. Its growing popularity cannot be denied, and more and more of our Trunk Management Software users successfully base their systems on Linux.

As we architected and executed our real time Linux port, we relied on our experience with other operating systems, the experience of our other users and the Linux community as well as just spending extensive time with the code. Along with software, we provide guidance on the kinds of things being done in this environment and what additional things you will have to do to run our Linux port on your own custom hardware. To give you an idea of these important considerations, we offer notes from our effort to bring TMS up our 8260 development platform.

It should be recognized that while Linux is “free” there are still significant support costs. Further, we are continuing to characterize actual operation in real time environments. We believe that great care is still required to ensure that your developments deliver the expected performance in real world applications where the unexpected happens.


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